Window Film Depot Collaborates on the Deployment of New 3M ScotchShield™ Security Window Film S2400
New 3M ScotchShield S2400 Series


MARIETTA, GA – March 20, 2024 – Window Film Depot (WFD), a prominent national window film installer and 3M Dealer, proudly announces its involvement in the launch of the new 3M ScotchShield™ Security Window Film S2400. Developed to address the pressing need for heightened security measures, this innovative 3M film solution is poised to revolutionize window security across various sectors.

The 3M ScotchShield Security Window Film S2400 is engineered to bolster windows against potential threats by employing groundbreaking new film technology using patented urethane construction and a proprietary 3M adhesive. The 24 mil construction forms a resilient barrier that helps hold glass fragments together upon impact, thereby reducing risks associated with forced entry or smash-and-grab incidents. The film represents an evolution in thin film technologies designed for glass safety and security and far outperforms the existing polyester-based PET products that have permeated the industry since the 1970’s.

Moreover, beyond its primary function as a security enhancement, the 3M ScotchShield Security Window Film S2400 is undergoing evaluation to determine its practical benefits and optimal methods of application in industrial, commercial, educational, and other occupational settings. Potential applications include safety glazing, blast mitigation, break-in prevention, and mitigating spontaneous glass breakage incidents.

“Our dedication lies in equipping our customers with effective security solutions that seamlessly integrate into their surroundings,” stated Krissy Mosby, President of Window Film Depot. “3M ScotchShield Security Window Film S2400 embodies a comprehensive approach to window security, addressing intrusion concerns alongside considerations such as shatter resistance and UV protection.”

Recognizing the diverse needs of its clientele, Window Film Depot underscores the versatility of the 3M ScotchShield Security Window Film S2400, which is suitable for a wide array of environments, including homes, businesses, schools, and government facilities. Certified installers from Window Film Depot ensure optimal performance and longevity by tailoring solutions to meet the unique requirements of each space, prioritizing both functionality and aesthetics.

As part of its commitment to its 3M Preferred Partner status and customer-centric service, Window Film Depot eagerly anticipates the successful launch of this new solution. The company invites facility managers and security professionals to explore the benefits of the 3M ScotchShield Security Window Film S2400 and take proactive steps toward creating safer and more secure environments.

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