Smash & Grab solutions interview with Jeff Franson


LP Solutions Podcast discusses smash & grab solutions with special guest Jeff Franson, Founder & CEO of FutureVu Brands, parent company to Window Film Depot, CoolVu & Impact Security. 

As the world continues to jump back from the global pandemic, nationwide retailers are reintroduced to challenges such as loss and prevention, vandalism and smash and grab. In a recent LP Solutions Podcast, hosts Chris McGourty, an ORC industry insider, and Don Carr, a security consultant, interview Jeff Franson, Founder & CEO of FutureVu Brands, to glean his perspective on loss and prevention solutions, and why FutureVu’s brands and products should be considered when it comes to retail. 

Encapsulated within the episode, Jeff touches on which areas of stores that are most at risk and offers listeners product solutions to aid in the protection of their store. “70-80% of attacks we see, historically, are either at that [entry] door or at the side lights…” he continues saying, “we put our best foot forward right there with a DefenseLite product.” With a vast array of companies occupying the retail space, Jeff mentions how these security products “are designed with the highest caliber polycarbonate and impact acrylics on the market,” which allow for product solutions to be installed. By “de-mystifying the entire process,” store owners can see how panels are properly installed, making DefenseLite’s system personalized, unique and affordable for your storefront needs.  

“People want to go shop where they feel most comfortable,” Jeff believes, and if your brick-n-mortar are at risk or feel unsafe, maybe it’s time for nationwide retailers to use products engineered by FutureVu Brands. Unlike other systems in the marketplace, “our system is engineered,Jeff exclaims. “With our products, you’ll never need to board up again. If you don’t want to have that look associated with your brand, we can help you avoid that.” 

From our origin story to product recommendations, listen to the complete podcast episode entitled: “Smash & Grab Crimes for Nationwide Retailers,” click here