AccessShield New Product Launch


Marietta, GA – April 16, 2024 – Impact Security, a leading manufacturer of retrofit security glazing solutions, launches DefenseLite® AccessShield™ and AccessShield™ BR marking a significant advancement in the protection of retail and other high-risk facilities. This innovative solution is engineered to prevent illegal access and smash-and-grab crime, offering an unparalleled layer of security. By enhancing entrance door durability and resistance, DefenseLite AccessShield™ provides businesses, schools, and government buildings with the confidence that their facilities are safeguarded against external threats.

Designed to replace traditional entrance glazing materials, DefenseLite AccessShield™ and AccessShield™ BR which will meet or exceed the standards outlined in UL 752—seamlessly integrate with existing doors of all types and materials offering a robust barrier that deters and prevents unlawful access. Its introduction to the market comes at a critical time when retail establishments are increasingly targeted by smash-and-grab criminals, posing a significant threat to both employee safety and inventory loss.

Mark Mineer, President of Impact Security, emphasizes the necessity of such an innovation in today’s retail environment, “In the face of rising retail crime rates, it’s imperative that businesses adopt measures that not only react to threats but actively prevent them. DefenseLite AccessShield™ is our answer to this challenge, providing an opportunity for facility managers to take a proactive approach to fortifying entrances against forced entry.”

DefenseLite AccessShield™ stands out for its cost-effectiveness and ease of installation, making it an accessible option for a wide range of retail businesses, from small boutiques to large department stores. By retrofitting existing entrances with DefenseLite AccessShield™, retailers can significantly enhance their security measures without undertaking extensive renovations or incurring prohibitive costs.
Mineer further highlights the impact of DefenseLite AccessShield™ on the retail industry, “We’ve designed AccessShield™ with the retail sector’s specific needs in mind. Understanding the devastating effects of smash-and-grab crime, not just financially but also on the morale of staff and customers, drove us to develop a solution that can seamlessly integrate into any retail environment, providing unmatched security without compromising on aesthetics.”

For retailers seeking to bolster their defenses against the increasingly sophisticated tactics of criminals, DefenseLite AccessShield™ offers a proven, effective solution. Its innovative design and superior materials provide a level of security that traditional glazing cannot match. To learn more about how DefenseLite AccessShield™, visit

About Impact Security
Impact Security is a manufacturer of specialty security glass and glazing systems, sold under the DefenseLite® and BulletShield™ trade names, and owned by FutureVu Brands, a platform created to organize existing business-to-business and business-to-customer businesses under a single operating umbrella. Established in 2016, Impact Security has trained dealers and installation professionals available throughout North America to support business demands for retrofit security glazing solutions, anti-smash and grab capabilities, advanced ballistic protection, and personal protective screens. AIA continuing education, design, and specification resources are available at and on ARCAT.