FutureVu builds brands that improve lives. A platform created to organize existing B2B and B2C businesses under a single operating umbrella, FutureVu is a dedicated group of professionals purposed for brand success by enabling responsible growth. FutureVu exists to fuel our current brand’s performance, transact strategic acquisitions of complementary businesses, and incubate new brand development. FutureVu businesses specialize in the architectural, glazing, energy and security retrofit markets.
1992 Window Expert
1999 Window Film Depot
2014 DefenseLite
2018 Impact Security
2019 CoolVu
2020 CoolVu Auto Spa
2021 FutureVu
2021 MTI Shield
2021 CoolVu Franchise Concepts

Mission Statement

FutureVu is dedicated to powering its subsidiary brands development by providing for long term strategic vision and collaborative decision making while supporting sustainable futures for all stakeholders. FutureVu aims to work with vested individuals and dynamic groups that recognize and value synergistic partnerships and act on market opportunities while delivering solutions that improve lives with every transaction.  

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FutureVu subsidiaries operate on individual P&L’s with a brand President responsible for the day-to-day management of the business. The FutureVu platform provides leverage by managing IT, finance, marketing, HR, Insurances, taxes, compliance, and related corporate tasks. FutureVu executives actively support revenue growth initiatives of each subsidiary while working collaboratively with brand Presidents to deliver solutions to customers at the highest levels of integrity and efficiency. 

The nation’s leading seller and installer of 3M specialty films for retail, commercial and government buildings.
An American manufacturer of advanced retrofit glazing systems for forced entry, ballistic, sound, storm, blast, and energy control.
Home-office based franchise opportunity specializing in the sale and installation of specialty films, graphics, and coatings to improve interior environments economically.
LVW is a supplier of light building materials, interior finishing and glazing related products based in Marietta, Ga.
CVAS is a car detailing, restyling and accessory business servicing the automotive aftermarket universe with exclusive car-care products, business operating technology, and marketing expertise.
News & Press

Some recent news and press updates regarding  FutureVu Brands and associated companies. Read on to learn more about how FutureVu is making a difference in your community.